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Cox: A Modest Man Becomes a Hero

For Richard Nixon, the fateful moment of his career probably arrived on the night of October 19, 1973, when a

Afro Center Will Remain Open Without Money From Harvard

The Harvard-Radcliffe Afro-American Cultural Center will remain open at least through the summer despite the University's refusal of its requests

Out of Town News to Refund Money For Papers Missed Over Christmas

The major distributor of newspapers at Harvard will offer a cash refund to subscribers who missed several deliveries the week

The Promised Land

A N AMERICAN MYTH holds that we all descended from those brave immigrants who, in whatever time and for whatever

Women Still Mad At HEW

Final federal acceptance two weeks ago of Harvard's affirmative action hiring plan hardly stilled the three-year chorus of calls for

Princeton Picks Up Harvard Reject

For over 200 years, Princeton has provided a haven for Harvard rejects. This week, an undergraduate club at Princeton decided

The Lowest Stage of Socialism

Imperialism is capitalism in that stage of development in which the domination of monopolies and finance capital has established itself;

The Honors Major Sweepstakes

The first day of his freshman year, John Norwalk asked his two roommates what they intended to major in. Government,

Middle East Flares Up Again

Almost no one predicted the out-break of fighting which erupted in the Middle East Saturday and predictions and reports from

Who Is Archie Cox?

H ARVARD MEN had a good deal to do with the establishment of the American form of government. Harvard has

McCord Testifies Before Senate Panel

Convicted Watergate conspirator James W. McCord Jr. testified before the Senate hearings today that when he agreed to wiretap the

New Graduate Aid Policy Is Official

Despite student opposition and the reservations of many department chairmen, the Administration's plan for aid to graduate students became official

Tuition's Still Going Up

It seems there's only one thing more predictable than death and taxes--the annual Harvard tuition, room and board increase. In

American Dream Machine

Producer Craig Gilbert's television documentary "An American Family" was an ambitious project; nothing quite like it had ever been tried.

Hayden Sees Continued Antiwar Role

The antiwar movement must still play a crucial role in educating Americans about Vietnam antiwar activists Lom Hayden and Jane