Professors Urge U.S Citizens To Unite Against Greek Junta

A group of politicians and university professors has formed a committee to secure the release of thousands of demonstrators imprisoned following the military takeover in Greece last Sunday.

The Emergency Committee for Greece includes George Wald, Higgins Professor of Biology and Dr. Leon Eisenberg, professor of Psychiatry at the Medical School.

Wald's Opinion

"The ultimate aim of the committee is to enlist the support of all Americans in the Greek people's struggle to force out the dictatorship and to return to democratic government," Wald said yesterday.

Wald said he hopes the committee will make Americans aware that the United States is backing and promoting the new dictatorship by supplying the Greek junta with weapons.


A member of the Harvard community who traveled recently in Greece confirmed yesterday that the government may have aided the new right wing government in the ousting of former President George Papadopoulos

The source, who wishes to remain anonymous, said Papadopoulos, who refused to let the United States Sixth Fleet refuel at a major Greek naval base during the recent Middle East war, showed signs of swaying from U.S foreign policy.

The source also said that Greece's recent push toward democratization and parliamentary rule was "only a facade which the United States government wanted for cosmetic reasons."