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Women Will Unite In Strike Today, But Boston NOW Is Opposing Action

In an attempt to draw attention to what it calls "the unfinished business of equality," the National Organization for Women

What Are Women Afraid of?

Matina Horner, as a graduate student at the University of Michigan, as a professor of Psychology and Social Relations here,

Bok, GSAS Team Up To Recruit

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is not the only party responding anxiously to the series of declines in

Grad School Names Kraus as Director Of Admissions, Aid

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has combined its financial aid and admissions offices and has named Richard A.

3 Grad Schools Will Unite In Minority Recruiting Drive

In an attempt to increase their dwin-dling numbers of minority applicants, the graduate schools of Harvard, Yale and Princeton have

Grad Students Clamor for Money

As federal grants and university money continue to dry up, graduate students and perspective graduate students are finding it more

Ford Says U.S. Faces Legal Crisis

NEW HAVEN-President Ford last night told a gathering of Yale Law School alumni that the United States faces "a basic

Black Admissions Steady While Applications Drop

The number of blacks who will receive acceptances to the College for the Class of 1979 is substantially the same

A Bad Year For Minority Recruiting

At the beginning of this academic year, the College, Radcliffe and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences had big

Checking Ghosts at FAS

University officials made it very clear this week that their plans to deal with growing inflation will bite deep into

Fighting Submerger

The identity crisis of Radcliffe College once again became an issue this week, as Matina Horner pledged to the Radcliffe

Steiner Writes Radical Union, Responding to Group's Demand

Daniel Steiner '54, general counsel to the University, this week sent a letter to the Harvard Radical Union responding to

Blacks Finish Faster-But Why?

The embarrassingly low number of black students at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences may take solace in the

Houses May Lose Up to $800,000

The undergraduate Houses and dormitories this year face up to a 15 per cent deficit on their $5.5 million budget

Carey Elected N.Y. Governor; Javits Downs Clark for Senate

Rep. Hugh L. Carey (D-N.Y.), receiving broad-based popular support, won a landslide victory over incumbent Governor Malcolm Wilson last night,