CHUL Ratios May Force Women to Move to 'Cliffe

Preliminary housing statistics compiled this week indicate that women may be forced to move up to Radcliffe against their will for the first time since undergraduate dormitories became co-residential.

Although final figures on the House preferences of this year's freshman class are not yet available, early reports show that only 114 women in the Class of '76 have applied to Radcliffe as a first choice for housing next year.

This figure is 40 per cent lower than the total of 187 women that the Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life has set as the required number of sophomore women in the Radcliffe Houses for next year.

Housing officials feel certain that the number of women listing a Radcliffe House as one of their five housing choices will be somewhat greater than the 114 first-choice total when the remaining figures are compiled. But they believe that even the final figures will lag considerably behind the CHUL-stipulated number.

One of the causes contributing to the lag stems from housing preferences submitted by the freshman women currently living in the Yard.


Of the 200 women now residing in Yard dorms only 3--or 1.5 per cent--requested to live in a Radcliffe House next year. Nearly 5 per cent of the men currently living in the Yard have also requested to move to Radcliffe.

Radcliffe Women Moving

Among the 250 freshman women now living at Radcliffe, 111--or about 44 per cent--have asked to stay as a first choice. Of the 150 freshman men, 63--or 42 per cent--have requested to remain at Radcliffe as well.