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The Prospect for Portuguese Africa

A HARD RAIN was falling in Lisbon last Wednesday night when the signal came for the drama to begin. It

Who It Is

When Albert L. Nickerson graduated from Harvard in the pits of the Depression in 1933, his studies in French literature

How Does Robert Kiely Feel?

R OBERT J. KIELY feels embittered about the scandals that have become associated with his name and thinks that the

Coke Gone Flat

N OTHING IS guaranteed to make an audience feel more awkward than a joke which doesn't work. The captive spectator,

Do The Arabs Really Want Peace?

O N THE THIRTEENTH DAY of the October Arab-Israeli war, as Egyptian tanks pushed into the Iraeli-occupied Sinai peninsula, a

Energy and Patriotism: High Voltage Lying

S UDDENLY people are listening to him. President Nixon goes on television telling the public that the Energy Crisis has

Mixed News About Money

Harvard's money men had some bad news and some good news this week. First the bad news: The University's billion-dollar-plus

No Sale in the Marketplace of Ideas

"He's not one iota different from George Wallace or the American Nazi party. He should be totally ignored." --Richard C.

Agnew Resigns as Vice President; Pleads 'No Contest' to Tax Evasion

The vice president of the United States has resigned and a new item--perhaps the climactic one--has been added to that