Columbia Pictures. Making a beeline for the flicks first thing in the morning is kind of like not getting out of bed--even better, unless your dream director is extremely gifted and has great studio backing. And who has dreams with Rod Steiger and Marlon Brando in them (normal ones, I mean)? Anyway, Columbia Pictures is running 20 hours of solid movies today in honor of its 50th anniversary. Absolutely free. And depending upon when you receive this paper, you have a certain amount of time left to skip Greek 2740b this morning and hunker down in the plush, cavernous seats of the Music Hall in Boston for a few hours. You won't have to deal with anything. The marathon started at midnight last night, 10 films, the last six of which are From Here To Eternity, On The Waterfront, Bridge Over The River Kwai, Dr. Strangelove, Funny Girl, and The Professionals.

Love and Anarchy. A recent Italian film by woman director Lina Wertmuller, set in a whorehouse in the time of Mussolini. Reportedly one of the finest political films in a long while. They say that this one doesn't hedge its bets with "ambience," or throw in all the chips of youthful revolutionary ardor. It just makes its own quiet statement.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Marilyn Monroe doing "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." From a novel about golddigging by Anita Loos; directed by Howard Hawks in 1953. Jane Russell doing a number in a gymnasium, lifting barbells, entitled "Isn't Anyone Here For Love."

Gone With The Wind. GWTW is so deeply and insidiously racist that it would make Birth of a Nation look like "An Interview with Bobby Seale." At the Pi Alley in Boston for $3.50. Get there early. No political discussion.

I Married A Witch. Rene Clair's wan comedy which later became the television series "Bewitched." Made in 1942 with Frederic March and the late Veronica Lake. Tomorrow at the Women's Center, 230 Central St., Newton, at 8 p.m. Interesting from a feminist perspective.


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