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In the shattered illusion department for this week is the fact that Roger Angell, The New Yorker's fine baseball writer,

My Senior Thesis

It went on for months, this falling asleep at four in the morning in a fiendish cloud of cigarette smoke,


Something should be said early on, in this newly-revived column of press clips, about the dean of press clips himself,

In the Bunker

Exam Anecdote A student is taking an exam. Detailed footnotes are required for the essay and he panics. He proceeds

In Another League Now

'Omaha is hot, dry and boring," reads an old Crimson sports page. "The dusty air, blown in off the great

Flush Times for Charles Bronson

U UH, you look a little passive," says Speed, promoter of street fights, peering at Chaney, who wants a job.

How the World Ended

"For it was like the death of a favorite grandmother. A season whose life was beautiful and full and gave


Give 'Em Hell, Harry! Ten days ago, after driving all day through dairy lands, north into lakes and woods, we

Turner's Turn

The fan is the most ruthless creature in professional sports, and I'm one, so yesterday morning when I read about


Badlands is back, on general release, more than a year after it opened and ignominiously folded across the country. Then


It has been said that the modern age offers no more pleasurable rewards than this: driving east, across New Mexico,


Tropic of Cancer. This one sounds interesting, if only because it stars Ellen Burstvn and Rip Torn. The Private Life


The Wind and the Lion. If one believes in the adage, "any publicity is good publicity (just get the name

The Stars Also Rise

Y OU DON'T have to be interested in Frnest Hemingway to enjoy The Hemingway Play you have to be obsessed


Scruggs. The first time I saw Earl and Family was exactly four years ago, in back of a rural high