Maguire May Have Said 'Move It'


Sources said this week that the environmental impact study of the John F. Kennedy Library--still in the hands of government officials--may mean the end of plans to construct the project in Cambridge.

The three sources--all Cambridge civic officials--said Thursday the report contains conclusions "extremely adverse" to the Kennedy Library. The sources had no specific information, but attributed the leaks to people very close to the project.

Kennedy Library Corp. officials have repeatedly said they are confident the report will give the library a clean bill of health and have pledged to abide by its findings.

But if the report is as negative as the sources indicate, then the library corporation will either have to retract its statements or pack its bags and look elsewhere.

For over a month, almost all the material prepared by C.E. Maguire Inc., the government's consulting firm, has been awaiting editing and release by the GSA.

"My feeling is that the report is negative and that they are trying to figure out what to do with it," Councilor Saundra Graham said yesterday.

The City Council, at the urging of Graham and Francis H. Duehay, adopted a resolution last Monday expressing displeasure at the GSA's silence and asking for copies of the report.

The feeling is growing in Cambridge, Duehay said yesterday, that the GSA's indefinite delay in publication of the impact study is not the result of technical problems, but of the report's findings.