Cliffe Squash Nabs Quick 7-0 Victory

Radcliffe's undefeated racquetwomen squashed Brown at Hemenway Saturday, winning all seven matches by scores of 3-0.

Ruth Stevens, team captain, stymied her first-spot opponent with aggressive serving, while Susie Handy, Julia Moore and Becky Miles--in second, third and seventh spots--also won quick serving victories. Sally Blair and Emme Levin volleyed their opponents to defeat.

The Rhode Islanders are playing their first year of varsity squash under strong handicaps. Brown has only four squash courts for the entire university, and the women's varsity team practices just twice a week.


"They don't have our opportunities and facilities," Radcliffe coach Betty C. Lincoln said Saturday. "We've been very grateful for our set-up this year," she added.


"We're getting so professional I can't believe it," Handy said yesterday.