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Dissidence in the Promised Land

"Persecution? You want a story about me? Very well, picture this. It is September 1974, and I am sitting in

Israel's Aliens

W HEN ISRAEL'S new Prime Minister attended the dedication of a new synagogue on the West Bank last week, he

In Good Taste

E ATING IS BAD for your health, to judge by the public controversy and fear which food has stirred up

Left Turn in the Middle East

T HE RECENT assassination of Druze leader Kamal Jumblatt in Lebanon, deliberations of the Palestine National Council, and heated reactions

Raise Not Roses

T HE WOMEN'S MOVEMENT in recent years has focused on bold firsts for women in every area, from West Point

Discovering A Myth-Maker

W HEN T.S. ELIOT reviewed Ulysses for Dial Magazine in 1923, he used the phrase "mythical method" to characterize the

Dunn Exorcises Ghosts, Spirits In Ceremony at Quincy House

Quincy House residents are ostensibly safe from the spells of evil spirits for another 12 months following the 11th annual

Politics on Location:

While presidential candidates are getting the lion's share of attention this year, for most politicians and campaign workers more is

Harrises Can Only Wait

LaDonna Harris says she believes a First Lady can take an active, policy-oriented position in the White House and that

Watergate Again?

A NOTHER BOOK on Watergate should have trouble justifying its existence. The profusion of literature inspired by Watergate can be

New Tricks in the Labor Zone

The world's oldest profession has come in from the streets, organized as a not-so-undercover protest group. Prostitutes, inspired by the

Bribery Overseas:

"I'm not saying it's right, but it's a way of doing business," Daniel J. Haughton, chairman of the board of

Finding a Home Away From a House

The old wooden house at 3 Sacramento Street reflects the quiet sedateness of a Cambridge neighborhood, where big front porches

Series of Sex Lectures Opens; May Become Course Next Fall

A series of six lectures on the physiology and psychology of sex, which opened Tuesday night at the Science Center,

Cliffe Squash Nabs Quick 7-0 Victory

Radcliffe's undefeated racquetwomen squashed Brown at Hemenway Saturday, winning all seven matches by scores of 3-0. Ruth Stevens, team captain,