Mamluk Architecture of Cairo is a collection of photographs by Fikret Yegul. They try to set the Mamluk buildings in the context of a real city, not as isolated architectural objects. At the Fogg, through May 12.

Milton Avery woodcuts, lithographs, etc. Avery seems a descendent of the Abstract Expressionists who flourished some years ago. Most of them have long since killed themselves, but Avery is flourishing at the Fogg, through April 30.

Three Swiss Painters continues at the Busch-Reisinger.

The Far North, according to the Museum of Fine Arts (where it continues through May 26), is "the most important exhibition of Native Alaskan art ever assembled." The Tlingit Totem Pole still stands at the top of the grand stairs, and there's a bird whose picture The Crimson printed upside down and the Real Paper printed backwards.

Color in Art, a major exhibition centered around theory, opens on Wednesday at the Fogg. A scientific exhibit at the Museum of Science, called Color Around Use, will be opening as a companion, and there will be colorful lectures through June.