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History as History

"I dispute in particular," said M. Dupin in The Purioined Letter, "the reason educed by mathematical study." Thinkers naturally espouse

A Case of Overhearing

A FEW YEARS ago Boston-based public prosecutor (now private lawyer) George V. Higgins, building on his experience with the acute

The Whispering Bulk of Sever Hall

The dark-red massiveness of Sever Hall stakes out a solid claim on the land beneath, in contrast to the make-shift

A Constant Snuggle

E NDING A MARRIAGE makes people reborn--but only in a tenuous way, Ingmar Bergman seems to say in his movie

Most Faculty Acknowledge Halloween

A door-to-door Crimson Halloween survey conducted last night revealed that 83.33 per cent of a sample of Harvard professors give

Coordinating The Arts Gets A Slow Start

The arts at Harvard became "coordinated" this year, with the appointment of Myra Mayman as Arts Coordinator. But it was

Embree Fails to Place at NCAA Finals

Clearing 7 ft. twice, Mel Embree nearly equalled the best high jumps of his career, but the competition at the

Bourgeois Bengalis

S ATYAJIT RAY's Apu trilogy, completed in 1958, was the first group of Indian films to gain attention in the

The Movies in Cambridge: Some Thoughts, Some History

W ITH NINE COMMERCIAL movie houses, a dozen or so college film societies, church groups, institute film festivals--old movies, some