The Know-Your-President-Warts-and-All Quiz

The Crimson used to have a semi-annual Oldies Quiz. It would have been easy popular to do another one, but nostalgia ain't what it used to be. Neither is President Nixon, so here's your chance to kick him while he's down.

Score one point for each correct answer. If you score more than ten, you'd probably be better off studying.

Answer are at the bottom of the page, but please don't look at them. Think of future quizzes. Peeking would be an easy thing to do--you could do it, all right, not problem--but it would be wrong.

That's for sure.


1 Why did Nixon fail in college football, according to his coach?

2 With what did Nixon reportedly occupy himself in 1959, while Eisenhower was reaching key summit decisions?

3 Ten years later, what did he promise to do while 300,000 demonstrators rallied in Washington to protest the war? What did he talk about in his dawn visit to demonstrators at the Lincoln Memorial?

4 In 1972, which coach did Nixon call up before the Super Bowl with "tips"?

5 Who won the Super Bowl that year?

6 Who did Nixon kick in the shins? When? Where?

7 Who did Nixon shove? When? Where?

8 Who did he slap? when? where?

9 If he had his life to live over, what did Nixon say he would like to be?

10 Who did the press not have to kick around? When? Where?