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The War In the Classroom

Professors with noon classes at Harvard get used to empty seats and irritable students. Most undergraduates rarely make it to

The Radicalization of Stephen Marglin

C AMBRIDGE WILL BE a little lonelier next year for Stephen A. Marglin '59, Harvard's only tenured radical economist. Arthur

A Guide to the Good Life

WOODS HOLE--Most students who get to Harvard know how to get A's. The route to a summa is grueling but

The Joyce-Maynard-is-21,-The-Sixties-Are-History Quiz

The reading period quiz is a little premature this term, but so was Joyce Maynard's autobiography. She's off in the

Freud Shows His Slip

D ON'T ASK your analyst about the ironies of the psychoanalytic movement. The aura of authority in sheepskin diplomas and

The Guess-What's-Just-Around-the-Corner Quiz

Traditionally, The Crimson has provided a reading period Oldies Quiz. As an austerity measure, this service was cut back this

A Newsman's Nightmares

V OYEURS EN VOYANT, necrophiles, mystical wizards, and a comparatively sane alchemist--these are the creatures that roam Les Whitten's fantasy

No Man Is a Vineyard

M ARTHA'S VINEYARD is, above all, an island, and to the 8000 small-town folk who live there year round, it

The Know-Your-President-Warts-and-All Quiz

The Crimson used to have a semi-annual Oldies Quiz. It would have been easy popular to do another one, but