Radcliffe Houses Will Hire Separate Athletic Secretaries

The three Quad Houses will have separate house-affiliated secretaries for intramural athletics next year, instead of one secretary for all Quad students.

Floyd Wilson, director of Intramurals for the University, recommended the arrangement last January after completion of a study authorized by the director of athletics Robert B. Watson '39.

Only one of the secretaries will receive full pay and authorization to attend the weekly meetings of the Athletic Council.

No Division

Wilson proposed that the remaining two individuals be designated "assistants" with one-half the usual salary of $500, because--unlike the autonomous Harvard Houses--"Radcliffe is not ready for division into three parts."


A list of about seven candidates for the new positions, circulated in house letters and by word of mouth, has been narrowed to three likely choices.

Joe Antenucci '73, the current assistant secretary, is slated to replace head secretary Jane Tewksbury '74 next term, with Joel Berman '76 and Stephanie Lear '76 as assistants. These appointments are subject to final approval by the House masters.

Traditionally, one secretary has coordinated intramurals for the entire Quad with the aid of an assistant. Wilson said his proposal stems from the organizational inefficiency of this system. He said, however, that Radcliffe Houses should not participate in intramurals independently--as Harvard's do--because "Radcliffe has not had comparable teams in all the sports."

He also expressed financial qualms, warning that while attempting to satisfy Radcliffe residents, he must allot the budget "primary concern."

Antenucci said the proposal is a step in the right direction. In the past, he said, "we'd be forfeiting games" due to poor organization.

Similar opinions were voiced by master of North House Ned Keenan, and a spokesman from South House who said that "a full secretary in each house would work harder to create more activity" in intramurals and so resolve any doubts about the strength of Radcliffe interest.

The source said that "apparently" the present solution was "summarily decided by Mr. Wilson" as a result of his study.

Keenan confirmed that the Quad House masters were not consulted about the plan before Wilson decided to implement it.