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Professor May Leave Greece to Fill Modern Greek Studies Chair in Fall

A professor from the University of Salonika in Greece will probably fill Harvard's chair in modern Greek studies next fall,


A LL YOU REALLY NEED to know about this show is summed up in the title, which works like this:

Cuanto Me Gusta

S OMETIMES YOU WONDER whether life didn't indenture itself to Shakespeare back in the 16th century--in a reversal of the

Horovitz's Complaint

M AYBE HOROVITZ'S PLAY qualifies as social realism, exposes the plight of urban youth, lays a slice-of-life on you--pick one

Seeing is not Believing

T HEATER RITUALIZES LIFE. Time is condensed, people's behavior is more rigorously guided by certain formulae, the actors tend to

The Unnameable

D URING THE LAST twenty years, at least, literary critics have approached the legacy of Louis-Ferdinand Celine with trepidation, if

Divining China's Future

Few people out-and-out believe in prophecy. Lucky guesses happen along now and then, and mathematicians thrive on the so-called educated

Trapped in Perpetual Transit

I needed a place to brush the ferrous red dust off my jeans and shake the rumble of buses and

Notes for Wayward Women

E VER since people started to get wind of the feminist movement in the late 60s, books on the subject