Undergraduates to Leave 29 Garden St; Some to Move to Canaday Next Year

No undergraduates will be housed at 29 Garden St. next year, Dean Whitlock announced yesterday.

The 37 South House residents now living at 29 Garden St., formerly the Hotel Continental, may choose next year to live in Canaday Hall along with sophomores from Eliot, Kirkland, Mather, Winthrop and Dunster Houses.

Claverly Hall will house sophomores from Adams, Lowell and Quincy Houses.

Return to Houses

The 33 Currier and North House affiliates living in 20 Garden St. will return to their respective Houses under a new system the 13 Houses masters agreed on yesterday.


Whitlock said that South House could not accomodate the large number of South House affiliates living at 29 Garden St. but that Currier and North House could absorb their fewer 29 Garden St. residents.

"The decision to move undergraduates from 29 Garden St. clearly does not come as a suprise," Whitlock said. "The building was bought and equipped for graduate students and was used only as an emergency while Canaday was being built."

The Faculty has to pay the Real Estate office $200 for each undergraduate living in 29 Garden St. because of the loss in rent from graduate students who would be paying more to use the facilities.

However, Whitlock said that the subsidy "was not a major factor" in moving undergraduates out of the building.

Besides the option of moving to Canaday Hall, the 37 residents of 29 Garden St. affiliated with South House may choose to return to South House, move off campus or transfer to a vacant River House room, Whitlock said.

He said that the opening of Canaday Hall's 210 suites to upperclassmen will produce more freshman crowding in both the Yard and the Quad Houses.

James Vorenberg '49, master of Dunster House, said yesterday that students living in Canaday Hall will be grouped by entry according to their Houses. He said that a tutor from each House will be assigned to the respective entries.

"I think it is better to have all the students in one entry than spread out on different floors as in Cleverly," Vorenberg said. "I just hope we get enough volunteers so we don't have to assign people."

Little Surprise

Undergraduate residents of 29 Garden St. expressed disappointment but little surprise at the decision to close the largely graduate facility to upperclassmen.

Todd J. Garvin '76, a 29 Garden St. resident affiliated with South House, said he is "not shocked at all" by the decision. "It's no real surprise because we had been more or less informed about it months ago," he said.

Gerald Bryant '76, also affiliated with South House, said last night that he considers it "sad and strange that we have only one more year and then they kick us out."

Marie F. Fisher '76, a 29 Garden St. resident affiliated with North House, said she does not want to return to the Quad because "the living accomodations there are horrible." But she said, "they told us they were going to move us last year and we all knew about it."

Lincoln Caplan '73, a South House tutor living at 29 Garden St., said the structure of Canaday Hall is "conducive to insular living" compared to the friendly atmosphere of 29 Garden St.

Joel Berman '76, a South House affiliate living in 29 Garden St. said he was "not terribly surprised that they decided to take 29 Garden St. away from us. The University is not sensitive and they just don't care about Radcliffe."

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