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Kissinger Is Cool To Harvard Offer

Henry A. Kissinger '50, who is expected to reject a tenure offer from Columbia University, will probably not accept a

At Last, The Final Chapter

Two administrators recently got to talking over lunch about the issue of housing. They mentioned that they had been mired

Nothing New Here

After several months of delay the third of Dean Rosovsky's seven task forces-the task force on college life-released its report.

Task Force Favors 'No-Choice' Housing

A "no-choice" pre-freshman House assignment and increased credit for performing arts are among the major recommendations in the college life

Jaded philosophies

P ERHAPS it is unfair ro review a single issue of the journal Daedalus in a collection of book reviews.

Practicing what you preach

James Q. Wilson spends a lot of his class time talking about problems in implementation. He has studied and lectured

A drinking problem in the College

Students, by virtue of the brief time that they spend in school, sometimes have a short-sighted view of things. Reactions

Re-doing Harvard

Soon after Dean Rosovsky commissioned a review of undergraduate education in 1974, it became clear that the primary impetus for

Core Task Force Recommends Major Changes for Gen Ed

The report of the task force on core curriculum, released today, recommends the first major changes in General Education since