The Joyce-Maynard-is-21,-The-Sixties-Are-History Quiz

The reading period quiz is a little premature this term, but so was Joyce Maynard's autobiography. She's off in the New Hampshire woods, but as we, too, look backward, those happy times of Super-balls and X-15s seem gone beyond nostalgia--they're already history.

And history seems to be repeating itself. Jackie is a widow again, the president wants to help the Vietnamese. Nixon wants to be a rosing ambassador. And soon, Charlie Manson will be up for parole.

Answer while you can.


1 According to '60s rumors, which two larger-than-life figures were dead?


2 Who is this man, who tried to put him in jail in 1968, and for what?

3 In a 1969 popularity poll among Catholic college graduates, Jesus finished fifth, edging out Eugene McCarthy, Bob Hope. Winston Churchill, Dr. Tom Dooley and President Nixon. Who were the four men ahead of Him?

4 Three years earlier, who said: "We're more popular than Jesus now"? What was the reaction of Boston's Richard Cardinal Cushing?

5 Who said: "My goal is at the age of 35 to act like I'm 15"?

6 In 1968, who threatened to have "Yippie girls dressed up as whores, but young, you know, and nice" slip LSD into convention delegates' drinks, recruit "Yippie studs whose job is to seduce the delegates' wives and daughters," and spike Chicago's water supply with LSD?

7 What San Francisco stripper gained fame by injecting silicon into her breasts?

8 Who was the Republican vice-presidential candidate in 1964, and what is he doing today?

9 What early '60s comedy record album became a runaway best-seller, then vanished overnight in November 1963?

10 In 1965, General Nguyen Cao Ky, then head of the Saigon government, revealed that he had only one hero. Who was it?

11 What was Timothy Leary's credo?

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