Chef Displays Techniques

Irene Kuo, an experienced Chinese chef, explained yesterday what she termed "uniquely Chinese" methods of cooking at the Science Center in a cooking demonstration sponsored by the Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students' Association (CSA).

Kuo is a native of China who has owned and operated two restaurants in New York City during the past 20 years.

Kuo prepared zuccini with shredded carrots, and beef in black bean sauce before an audience of about 60 students.

Several students who attended the demonstration yesterday said Kuo's concoction looked and smelled very enticing, and that the display had piqued their interest in learning how to prepare Chinese food.

""You never really think that much about the preparation part when you go eat at a Chinese restaurant," one observer said "But this looks like it could really be a gas."


Another onlooker said the demonstration had inspired him to go shopping for a wok and a Chinese cleaver.

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