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White House, Indians Seek Maine Land Agreement

A presidential study group proposed Wednesday that Congress and the state of Maine give more than $50 million and 300,000

Gay Activist Attacks Media, Urges Reform

The United States is among the most sexually myopic nations in the world, Bruce Voeller, director of the National Gay

Freshman Council Votes To Prohibit All Smoking In One Part of Union

The Freshman Council voted last night to prohibit smoking in the small back dining room of the Freshman Union but

Lowell Security

The Lowell House Women's Association sent a letter to the master of Lowell House on Tuesday requesting that entry doors

Student Gripes Could Lower High Fees For Indoor Tennis

The current policy of charging students for use of the indoor tennis courts at Plamer Dixon and the Indoor Track

Seven Sister Reps To Exchange Ideas At RUS Meeting

Student government representatives from all but one of the Seven Sister Colleges will attend a conference sponsored by the Radcliffe

U.S. Defense

The Soviets surpass Americans in almost all aspects of nuclear arms development by 1981 or 1982, Richard E. Pipes, Baird

B-School Follies

A section of Business School students has elected a male representative to the Women's Student Association (WSA) for perhaps the

Chef Displays Techniques

Irene Kuo, an experienced Chinese chef, explained yesterday what she termed "uniquely Chinese" methods of cooking at the Science Center

Freshmen Plan Dartmouth Bash In the Union

Hundreds of Harvard and Dartmouth students will be flocking to the Freshman Union tonight at 9 p.m. if Brett R.

Kuntsler Attacks Court

William M. Kunstler, a well-known civil rights lawyer, spoke at Dudley House yesterday evening about the manipulation of American law