`PJ' Jamboree Is a Success

Almost 40 Greenough residents marched in pajamas to the Freshman Union yesterday morning to observe the dying American tradition of wearing pajamas to breakfast.

The pajama-clad freshmen listened to a speech by Henry Moses, dean of freshmen, who bewailed the passing of the bed clothes breakfast.

"I love your pajamas one and all," Moses said.

Organizers billed the event "Jammie Jamboree."

The crowd on hand included Burris Young '55, associate dean of freshmen, who wore a blue and white fuzzy bathrobe.


The jamboree's purpose was to "give the Union the homey touch." Thomas W. Flynn '81, an organizer of the event, said yesterday.

The group was thrilled that Young decided to dress for the occasion and welcomed him with a standing ovation as he entered the dining hall. Referring to his bathrobe. Young asked the Greenough group. "Can my bunny and I go home?"

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