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Novelist Speaks About Creativity At Open Forum

"Writing a novel is like writing an exam on which your whole life depends, every night for a year," poet

Bodies in Bronze and Twilight

Faces and Figures At the Boston Visual Artists' Union 77 North Washington Street, Boston Through April 22 Strolling through Boston's


Radcliffe is "not just a college; it is an institution," as Radcliffe Forum Director A. Simone Reagor put it recently.

Centennial Scholars

Radcliffe College will select four centennial scholars in mid-May as "part of the effort to highlight what Radcliffe stands for

Harvard Submerges Aquamen of Maine

Freshman Bobby Hackett tallied yet another Harvard record yesterday as the Harvard's men's swim team triumphed over the University of

The Great Chilled Water Bazaar Or Harvard's Energy Labyrinth

A Grays Hall resident complained to a Buildings and Grounds (B&G) official earlier this semester because her room was too

Future Shock

A conference to be held Saturday on "Planning for Alternative Futures," sponsored by the Institute of Politics, will enable students

Party Planner

The Harvard Party Company will seek official recognition as an undergraduate organization by presenting the company's constitution to the Committee

Stickwomen Pick Howard And Seidler

At their team banquet Sunday night, the field hockey team named juniors Ellen Seidler and Mary Howard as next year's