Students Demand Anti-Apartheid Action

ACSR Holds Hearing On Harvard Portfolio

The Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility (ACSR) last night listened to speaker after speaker call for strong Harvard action against apartheid, at a public hearing on Harvard investments in South Africa.

More than 150 people braved a snowstorm to attend the hearing, requested last month by the Southern Africa Solidarity Committee (SASC).

Henry B. Reiling, chairman of the ACSR and the moderator of the forum, said that because apartheid is morally abhorrent "the question is not whether we should take action but what action we should take."

Reiling asked all speakers to answer the question of why Harvard should single out South Africa from among other repressive regimes for such corporate action.

Christopher Nteta, a member of the African National Congress and the first speaker, said that South Africa was "the most diabolic, barbaric and racist regime in the entire world.

He added that Harvard must loudly divest itself of stock in corporations operating in South Africa because Harvard's prestige would set an example for others to follow.

Neva Seidman '78, a member of the

The Winthrop and Lowell House Committees voted overwhelmingly Monday night to endorse the Southern Africa Solidarity Committee's (SASC) divestiture petition.

The SASC's petition calls for the University to divest itself of investments in South Africa, support shareholder resolutions calling for divestiture by other American corporations, and issue a public statement of its policy on South Africa.

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