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The Road Not Taken

R OCKS ROAD is a quiet residential street running off Route 1, the main road through the small New Hampshire

A Tour of 'Benares on the Charles'

America is a land of invention, with a long tradition of the pioneer spirit of doing-it-yourself. Nowhere is this creative

The Gospel of a Dawning Age?

B Y NOW, the signs that the United States is undergoing a vast social transition have become clear enough that

They Listen

It's 3 a.m. in Boston. Cold, dark, lonely. But some people are awake, unable to sleep, or depressed, or maybe

Tales from Jordan

They sit inconspicuously at the corner of Walker and Shepard Streets, just across from the Quad, two low-slung brick buildings.

Hark! the Herald Cashiers Ring

Christmas. The day He was born. Santa Claus. Peace on Earth, goodwill toward people, spend money. Want to drown out

Peking's Biggest Test

Two young members of China's Red Guards sit in a self-consciously pretentious coffeehouse in Peking. Between sips of espresso, down

What's Left in 1980

T HE POLITICAL LEFT has been in steady retreat for almost a decade now. Ever since Nixon took his massacre

Naming the Hand That Feeds

S OMETIME LAST YEAR Derek Bok decided to take the offensive. After all, why should those noisy radicals from the

A Mushrooming Movement

T OMORROW THE U.S. anti-nuclear movement takes its case to Washington D.C. A huge demonstration and a public trial of

Philadelphia Story

W HAT if they gave a conference and nobody noticed? What would happen, for instance, if delegates from all the

Once More With Feeling

W ITH ONLY a year and nine months to go before election day, the 1980 Presidential races are heating up.

ACSR Statement Recommends Few Shareholder Resolutions

In a report submitted to the Harvard Corporation yesterday, the Advisory committee on shareholder Responsibility (ACSR) said the University should

Rock and Roll Christmas

'Tis the season to make money, fa la la la laaa and all that. And your friends the record companies,

Mantras and Mandalas

L AST WEEK'S surrealistic nightmares from the jungles of Guyana have once again put the issue of religious cults squarely