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By Diana R. Laing

It was one week closer to exams but the sunbathing students in Harvard Yard yesterday didn't seem too disconsolate about it.

"Definitely West Coast weather--East Coasters can't handle it," David Smith '79 said.

"Guess he's right--I fell asleep in the sun and I'm hurting already for it," Robert Owens, a frisbee-playing Cambridge resident added.

Paul Russell '79 seemed only mildly perturbed. Russell, carrying a very new-looking copy of "Roots of Revolution" mused "I try to study but...."

"Yeah, moods are a function of the weather," Patty Thompson '79 said, as she sat in Lowell House courtyard. Thompson said the first time the weather got nice this spring, "the man who lives across the hall" spoke to her for the first time all year.

Thompson's friend, Sooni Taraporevala '79, said the hot, humid weather makes her homesick for India. "Come on legs, tan!" Taraporevala exclaimed.

Under a nearby tree in Lowell courtyard Monica Strauss '78 quoted Plato: "The unexamined life is no life for man." She said she doesn't talk about the weather very often, adding, "As Oscar Wilde wrote, when people talk about the weather they are usually thinking about something else."

Over by a bank of iris flowers a couple were engrossed in Bacardi and cokes and each other. The man wore a panama hat, the woman a ruffled sundress. "I bet they're being filmed," Strauss ventured.

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