Ed School Dean Named To South Africa Council

The Rev. Leon H. Sullivan, author of a set of guidelines for the activities of United States corporations in South Africa, has appointed Paul N. Ylvisaker, dean of the Graduate School of Education, to a council which will establish a group to monitor the 107 corporations that have endorsed the Sullivan Principles.

Checking Up

The International Council for Equality of Opportunity Principles, which has seven members, including Columbia University President William J. McGill, will oversee the establishment and functions of a nonprofit corporation. The corporation will try to ensure that U.S. firms promote racial equality in employment practices in South Africa, in compliance with the Sullivan Principles.

The Sullivan Principles are a set of six guidelines designed to end discriminatory practices in relations between U.S. corporations and their employees in South Africa.

First Hand Knowledge

It is necessary to monitor the actual practices of firms endorsing the Sullivan Principles instead of relying on "vague statements" from the firms about their activities. Ylvisaker said yesterday.

The non-profit monitoring group will review each corporation's semi-annual report, examine reports from research institutions, work with other groups monitoring the activities of corporations in South Africa, and send staff members to South Africa to investigate the corporate practices first-hand, Ylvisaker added.


Rev. Augustus Roman, another member of the council, said last week he is hopeful its "efforts will aid in the dissolution of apartheid."

Roman added the Council will be enlarged at a future date, with representatives from Africa and other countries.

Pressure from U.S. corporations, religious groups and the U.S. government must accompany the group's activities, Roman said.

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