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Harvard Project in Shuttle's Spacelab Aims to Smooth Adaptations to Space

In an environment where plants refuse to flower, flame burns in a sphere instead of a cone, and mice are

Buddhist Master, the Karmapa, Begins Visit, Religious Talks

His Holiness the XVI Gyalwa Karampa, the spiritual leader of Kagyu Tibetan Buddhists, will arrive in Boston this afternoon to

A Thorn In its Paw

When the Harvard Corporation faced opposition to its South Africa related investments in the past five years, it almost exclusively

Serenity Amid Chaos

T HEY STICK OUT LIKE SNOWY laundry among the blue-suited bureaucrats and bums of Harvard Square. Irreverently called "towel heads,"

An End to Noblesse Oblige

W HEN THE TEMPORARY BRITISH governor of Zimbabwe, Lord Soames, landed at Salisbury Airport last January to oversee the country's

Sullivan's Principles: Camouflage or Catalyst?

The steel and blue glass of the Zion Baptist Church shines out from the grey of North Philadelphia. Its beige

Three South African Educators to Tour Universities at Invitation of President Bok

At the invitation of President Bok, three South Africa educators will visit Harvard and other U.S. colleges and universities next

Bok Rejects Anti-Nuke Stand, Opposes Initiation of Proxies

Harvard will not issue a statement or initiate shareholder resolutions on its nuclear-related investments, President Bok said yesterday. Instead, Bok

Stepping Out Over Taunton

"They've got to be professional. They stake their reputations on it," the former paratrooper and veteran of more than 1500

La Organization Pickets Minority Recruiting Meeting

About 25 students last night picketed a Chase Manhattan Bank minority recruiting meeting, calling on students not to attend the

Action in Iran

The impoundment of 60 United States foreign service officers by followers of Ayatollah Khomeini is a clear violation of the

Radcliffe Committee Will Issue Criteria for Moral Investment

The Radcliffe Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility will advise the college's Board of Trustees by January of guidelines the college

Sullivan Opposes Loans to S. Africa

The Rev. Leon Sullivan, creator of the fair employment guidelines known as the Sullivan Principles, called on United States banks

Police Arrest 1002 Anti-Nuke Protesters At Wall St. Rally

NEW YORK CITY--City police yesterday arrested 1002 demonstrators, part of a crowd of more than 4000 antinuclear protesters who tried

Anti-Apartheid Speakers Ask Support In Cambridge Investment Referendum

Representatives of anti-apartheid groups urged about 200 Cambridge residents Saturday to call on Cambridge not to invest in financial institutions