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Two-Milers Notch Harvard Record

By Nell Scovell

The Harvard indoor track team looked sharp Saturday, skinning the Brown Bruins, 80-56, and notching a point in every event and sweeping five at the ITT.

The most impressive performances of the meet belonged to Peter Fitzsimmons, Mark Meyer and Ed Sheehan, who lapped the sole Brown participant in the two-mile and strode in for a one-two-three finish with times of 8:54.35, 8:54.49, and 8:55.63, respectively. Fitzsimmons and Meyer set personal bests in the race which also marked the first time in Harvard track history that three two-milers ran under nine minutes in the same race.

Another impressive performance was sophomore Noel Scidmore's 4:12.86 mile which landed him first place followed by Crimson teammates Guy McRoskey and Peter Johnson, who picked up their first points of the season.

John Murphy, who won the mile in the season opener against BU, did not compete. "The transition from cross country to the speed of the track is rough and Murphy needed a rest," coach Bill McCurdy said after the meet. "I avoided working Thad McNulty in the distances for the same reason."

Harvard dominated the 440 when Chris Nicodemus grabbed first place and Al Harrington made a desperation dive to take second in a photo-finish.

The most surprising placing of the meet was freshman Adam Dixon's first in the 600 with an impressive early-season time of 1:11.89. "I entered Dixon in the race just for conditioning and experience, but no one told him that," McCurdy said.

Another pleasant surprise came when Joe Salvo, Joe Day and Jean-Marc Chapus swept the 60-yd. dash to prove that the sprint is no longer a Crimson weakness.

The 880 and the 1000 were heart-breakers for the Crimson as Bruins came from behind in the last 20 yards of both races to edge out Harvard tracksters.

Dixon, Harrington (who is recovering from a broken collarbone), and David Frim teamed up to run the first three legs of the mile relay which anchorman Nicodemus pulled out for a Harvard win.

Because of the loss of injured jumpers Bennett Midlo and Sola Mahoney, the Crimson had some problems in the triple and long jumps. Another weakpoint was the hurdles, where Harvard has yet to take a first or second place this season.

The Crimson squad, however, redeemed themselves in the field events by sweeping the high jump with Mike Young reaching 6 ft. 6 in., leaving teammates Geoff Stiles and Mark Goethe behind at 6-4. Stiles also captured first in the pole vault with a vault of 15 ft.

Brown's Timothy Bruno threw the 35-lb. weight 59 ft. 5 3/4 in. to win that event, while Harvard's Gary Quantock and Lanny Tron retaliated in the shotput, grabbing the number one and two spots.

"This meet was encouraging because it showed we have depth and hope for the future," McCurdy said Saturday. "At BU, we showed we had enthusiasm; now we have enthusiasm and more," he added.


Mile: I-Scidmore (H) 4:12.86; 2--McRoskey (H) 4:19.35; 3-P. Johnson (H) 4:21.16.

Hurdles: 1-DeSantis (B)8:04; 2-Britton (B) 8:05; 3-Vance (H) 8:06.

440 Run: 1-Nicodemus (H) 50.24; 2-Harrington (H) 50.75; 3-Chapman (B) 50.83.

600 Run: 1-Dixon (H) 1:11.89; DiGiovanni (B) 1:12.24; 3-Frim (H) 1:13.96.

Long Jump: 1-Cronin (B) 23'; 2-Peters (B) 22'4"; 3-Mahoney (H) 22'8".

60-yd. Run: 1-Salvo (H) 6.54; 2-Day (H) 6.61; 3-Chapus (H)6.66.

Pole Vault: 1-Stiles (H) 15'; 2-Brown (B) 13'; 3-Wiese (B) 11'6".

880 Run: 1-Lake (B) 1:53.79; 2-Chafee (H) 1:54.26; 3-Dolson (H) 1:55.11.

35-lb. Weight Throw: 1-Bruno (B) 595 3'4"; 2-Ball (H) 54'5 1/4"; 3-Lenz (H) 51'.

1000 Run: 1-Ellsworth (B) 2:16.91; 2-Blue (B) 2:17.89; 3-Sellers (H) 2:17.92.

Triple Jump: 1-Cronin (B) 48'3"; 2-Peters (B) 45' 8 1/4"; 3-King (H) 44'7 1/2".

Two Mile: 1-Fitzsimmons (H) 8:54.34; 2-Meyer (H) 8:54.49; 3-Sheehan (H) 8:55.63.

High Jump: 1-Young (H) 6'6"; 2-Stiles (H) 6'4"; 3-Goethe (H) 6'4".

Mile Relay: 1-Harvard 3:22.79; 2-Brown 3:22.80.

Shot Put: 1-Quantock (H) 49'7"; 2-Tron (H) 49'2 1/2"; 3-Bruno (B) 47' 7 1/2".

2 Mile Relay: 1-Brown 8:06.7; 2-Harvard 8:13.3.

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