Kirkland Leads in Intramural Athletics

Winthrop Close in Race for Straus

If the rest of this year follows the trends set by the recently-completed fall athletic season, students may finally witness an end to four years of Winthropian domination of Straus cup competition.

Kirkland House emerged from fall competition with a 56-point lead over arch-rival Winthrop, 472-416. Quincy House ranks third with 332 Straus points, followed by South with 293.

Both K-House and Winthrop took championships in two fall sports. Kirkland grabbed the men's soccer and co-ed touch football titles, while Winthrop won both men's touch football and tied Eliot for the women's soccer crown.

Peter Beilenson '81, Kirkland House Athletic secretary, said yesterday K-House's greatest victory came when it beat Winthrop out to grab the co-ed touch crown, because, as he said, "Winthrop practically invented touch football."

Diane Boteler paced the Kirkland squad with five touchdown receptions for the year. Beilenson said the four anonymous "sea pigs," identified only as varsity fullback Jim Callinan's roommates, were indispensable to the team's 10-0-2 record.


Kirkland's men's soccer team, paced by goalie Mel Ingalls and offensive wizards Liam Hurley and Tom Sylvester, garnered the crown with a 3-2 double overtime defeat of Lowell.

Winthrop's championship 9-0-0 touch football squad was inspired by the offensive play of Steve "fast as hell" Skoler, who Winthrop athletic secretary Doug Richards said "ran right by the opposition."

Winthrop managed to tie Eliot for the women's soccer title when it beat Quincy House after three overtime periods.

Both Kirkland and Winthrop enjoyed excellent participation; neither team suffered a forfeit. Richards predicted that because of the love-hate relationship between the two, "neither Winthrop nor Kirkland will forfeit anything."


Richards said "there is no greater joy in the world than beating K-House in something," adding that if Winthrop lost the Straus, he'd "be assassinated by four former athletic secretaries."

He predicted that "no one else will come close" to winning the House title.

Q-World's John Thompson, however, disagreed with Richards, saying, "anyone who thinks that nobody will catch the two leading houses is up his #!?." Thompson predicted Quincy would repeat last year's strong winter showing.

Quincy lost the tackle football championship 13-7 to a surprising South House team in the final minute of the playoffs. Lisa Hirschorn, SoHo athletic secretary, attributed South House's fourth-place position to top draft picks in the housing lottery and "a total change in attitude" within the House. Intramural Sports Standings House  Points  Sport  Champion Kirkland  472  Tackle Football  South Winthrop  416 Quincy  332  Touch Football  Winthrop South  293 Eliot  288  Co-ed Mather  284  Touch Football  Kirkland Lowell  270 North  130  Women's Soccer  Eliot/Winthrop Leverett  116 Currier  102  Field Hockey  North Dudley  82 Dunster  52  Cross Country  Quincy Adams  44

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