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Batsmen Bedevil Holy Cross

"No," head Harvard baseball coach Alex Nahigian said after yesterday's rock 'em, sock 'em 12-11 victory at Holy Cross. "I

Hoopsters Waste Brown

Junior guard Calvin Dixon summed it up best "It was," he said, "a fun game to play." And for a

Donald Fleming

To someone who spends a lot of time around the Harvard basketball team, the mention of Donald Fleming conjures up

Yale Drops Hoopsters, 76-67

NEW HAVEN, Conn.--"Patience, patience," the Harvard men's basketball coaches kept urging during Saturday night's game at Yale's Payne Whitney Gymnasium,

Brown Dumps Cagers, 69-65

PROVIDENCE, R.I.--About a year ago, in the final game of the 1980-81 Ivy League basketball season, the Harvard men's basketball

Crimson Nips Warriors, 80-77; Bruins Upset Penn, Princeton

Thank God, as they say, for small favors. More precisely for the Harvard men's basketball team, thank Him for the

Accidents Will Happen

It was the injury that could not happen. He was the player who could not get hurt, not if the

The Frankie and Tommy Show

It's just another game. UMass, vs. Harvard, at the IAB. Both teams have been there before. Nothing special about it

Holy Cross Burns Hoopsters; Late Rally Falls Short, 77-71

WORCESTER--Time ran out on the Harvard basketball team here last night, as the hoopsters fell to Holy Cross, 77-71, at