Currier Acts To Bolster House Security

In response to recent threats aimed at minority students on campus. Currier House officials last Friday agreed to establish tighter House security measures and sponsor a series of forums on race relations.

Sandra P. Robinson, senior tutor, said yesterday that the House will no longer allow undergraduates who are not Currier House residents to walk past the entrance desk unless they are escorted by a resident and sign in at the desk.

"People are cooperating," one House member who works at the front desk who asked not to be identified, said yesterday.

Race-Relations Forum

More than 30 House residents attended the first race-relations forum last Wednesday, held to "improve the general climate between Blacks and whites in the House." Steven Barowsky '83, a House Committee member, said yesterday.


Barowsky added. "There is a general lack of communication between Blacks and whites in the House."

Concern about racial tensions within Currier climaxed last week when several representatives of minority student groups on campus charged the House Committee with excluding minority residents from the planning of a House-sponsored Harvard-Yale football game party.

House Committee members disagreed with the charge yesterday, saying that minority students were included in the party's arrangement. Marque Chambliss '83, a Black student who sat on the party