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Professors Ask U.S. to Stop Latin American Military Aid

Elighty philosophers--including eight Harvard professors--recently signed a petition requesting President-elect Ronald Reagan to withhold military aid from eight Latin American

B-School Students Admire Fashions

"Women can't look sexy on the job," the owner of a New York store that caters to professional women said

A Common Burden

O N November 20, Lydia P. Jackson '82, President of the Black Students Association (BSA) received a death threat. On

Currier Acts To Bolster House Security

In response to recent threats aimed at minority students on campus. Currier House officials last Friday agreed to establish tighter

Carter, Anderson Concede to Reagan

WASHINGTON--Amid cries of "We want Jimmy" from weeping supporters, President Carter conceded defeat last night in the face of a

Hopes, Frustration For Ann Wexler

Washington--When Ann Wexler, assistant to President Carter, talks about the future, she talks about the Carter administration's priorities for the

The 'New Girls' Unite

In an election year when women's votes may ultimately decide who occupies the Oval Office and when 51 women, more

Lives of the American Century

M ERLE MILLER fell in love with Lyndon Johnson when he wrote this book. Lyndon: An Oral Biography is a

Aides to Carter, Anderson Hit Reagan On Court, Abortion at K-School Panel

"The choices are stark, they are real and they are twelve days away," Anne Wexler, special assistant to President Carter,