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The Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility (ACSR) will invite Sen. Paul Tsongas (D-Mass.), a supporter of "the eventual divestiture" of South Africa related investments, to speak before the group later this spring.

Richard Valelly, a graduate representative to the ACSR, introduced the proposal during a committee meeting last week, Lawrence F. Stevens '65, the committee's secretary, said yesterday.

The group then instructed Stevens to explore the possibility with Tsongas and to try to arrange a date when he could come and speak, Steven said.

Stevens, who said he has not yet spoken with Tsongas, said Tsongas would be invited to speak on divestiture and on "anything else he pleases," adding the Senator is very knowledgeable on energy issues.

Nancy Guil Martin, staff assistant for press in Tsongas's Mass, office, said yesterday they have not received any invitation and added that the Senator may be too busy to go.


Tsongas, an outspoken supporter of what he termed "phased conditional divestiture," proposed in Senate debate last May that universities sell 20 per cent of their South Africa related investments each year, ending in complete divestiture in five years.

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