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Another Perspective

"Not only was this part of Roxbury much more exciting but I felt more relaxed among Negroes who were being

Not Only in New Haven

T HE SETTING IS YALE, but it could be almost any Ivy-league school, possibly almost any college. The year is

Eugene's Closes in Wake of Strikes

Eugene's Restaurant and Pub closed recently after an ongoing strike by employees who charged the restaurant's management with unfair labor

Researchers in Surinam Return Home After Being Trapped for Three Days

A Harvard professor and admissions officer ran into a slight problem when they were in Surinam last week, continuing their

Testing: Questioning the Standards

For the nearly 2.5 million people who take standardized tests each year, scribbling in answers in number-two pencil on a

Whatever Happened to Big John?

The scenario was simple: John Connally, after a successful lope through the primaries, would come to Detroit packing a wealthy

Counter Complains of Disunity In Harvard Black Community

"Black students have evolved into a system of invertebrates; they have no backbone," S. Allen Counter, associate professor of Biology,


The Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility (ACSR) will invite Sen. Paul Tsongas (D-Mass.), a supporter of "the eventual divestiture" of

One Man's Photocopy...

In possibly the first case of its kind--one that could set precedents for academic photocopying across the country--seven publishers sued

Lowell Residents Vote to Fill Vacant Student Assembly Seats

Lowell House residents voted last night to send representatives to the Student Assembly in a referendum sponsored by the House

Harvard Researchers Testify on Marijuana In Emotional Senate Subcommittee Hearings

Two Harvard medical researchers disputed many other witnesses' testimonies in an emotional Senate subcommittee hearing held yesterday and Tuesday on

Researchers Combat Dyslexia, Herpes

Two members of the Harvard Medical School faculty recently made a significant breakthrough in the study of dyslexia, a brain

BSA Rally

The Black Students Association (BSA) along with several other student organizations will sponsor a rally this Thursday in commemoration of

UFW Supporters Urge New Boycott In Rally at Square

Supporters of the United Farm Workers (UFW) carried placards through Harvard Square yesterday calling for a boycott of Red Coach