Winthrop Senior Tutor Leaves, Takes Full-OCS-OCL Position

Martha P. Leape, senior tutor of Winthrop House, has resigned her position there as of July 1 to work full-time as associate director of the Office of Career Services and off-Campus Learning (OCS-OCL), she said yesterday.

Although she said she will miss Winthrop House, Leape, now in her fourth year as senior tutor, said she wants to devote time to doing "some new things in the Office of Career Services."

Leape, who now works half-time at OCS-OCL, conferred with House Master James A. Davis and with Dean Fox before making her decision. She noted that her resignation is not related to any problems with the house. "I love it and it's hard to leave," she said.

Winthrop Hose officials have already begun looking for a tutor to replace Leape, Davis said yesterday.

"A senior tutor is one job in Harvard University where we have to pick very carefully," he said, adding that "there aren't many Marty Leapes around," and calling her Harvard's best tutor.


Davis said he expects to select a new tutor by spring vacation, in late March.

He has already received several applications, he said.

Winthrop residents will miss Leape's experience and her "direct and honest" personality, Photeine M. Anagnostopoulos '81, chairman of the Winthrop House Committee, said yesterday. Anagnostopoulos said Leape assumed a unique leadership role in the House, and that "her experience is what will be missed most."

Leape said she will maintain contacts with students through OCS-OCL.

"It's not like we're losing her completely," Davis said, adding, "She'll be only two blocks away."