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Trivial Pursuit

A YOUNG MAN on the West Coast placed a call to Cambridge the other day. The subject of the call

Tooning Out

T HERE WAS AN OLD MAN who carried a gigantic globe around Harvard Square on his shoulders a few years

Building (and Rebuilding) for Success

T rack Coach Frank Haggerty always got a little nervous when he showed a prospective athlete around Harvard. First, he

Building(and Rebuilding) for Success

T rack Coach Frank Haggerty always gets a little nervous when he shows a prospective athlete around Harvard. First he

Anything Can Happen

I t's dark upstairs at Satch's, and the audience of 20 or so is looking around, trying to figure out

Fire Breaks Out in Canaday Suite

A small fire scorched portions of a Canaday Hall suite yesterday but caused no injuries or serious damage. A team

Looking On

T HOSE OF US who try to maintain faith in human compassion and morality in a crazy and unstable world

Nature's Advocate

T HERE WAS A GOVERNOR out West in the early '70s who made quite a name for himself with a

Educating Drinkers

M ORE THAN A FEW students over the years have turned to drink to help them through their college days

For the Professor Who Has Everything

S anta Claus must dread dealing each yuletide with Harvard professors and administrators. His elves probably flee the workshop when

Timely Gossip

"Leaders come and go, governments rise and fall; only the people endure, only the people are eternal." EVERY WEEK. Time

Hart Attack

W HEN YOU'RE an intern in the U.S. Senate, if doesn't take long to figure out how the office works.

The Best Laid Plans

A FRIEND AND I walked onto the litter-strewn field of Harvard Stadium just a couple of hours after The Game

Midnight Snoozer

I T WASN'T very long ago that insomniacs were a lonely, over-looked bunch. No one paid much attention to you

Disharmony in Blue

W HILE THE ELI FOOTBALL SQUAD prepares to meet its arch-rivals this weekend, another group of Yalies has spent the