Students Mugged on Campus

Harvard students were attacked on University property in two separate incidents last weekend, and a potpourri of other crimes--including a jewel heist and a man stealing $50 from a dorm room while two students were home--have been reported to Harvard Police since last Friday, November 1.

On Saturday, Harvard Police arrested John J. Farrel, 20, of 153 Allston St. in Cambridge, for attacking a male Greenough resident with a three-foot stick in front of the entrance to Canaday C. After being arrested on Garden St., Farrel was turned over to the Cambridge Police Department.

Earlier, at 2:15 a.m. Friday, three men wearing leather jackets attempted to rob a male Dunster House resident at knifepoint in front of Adams House. The victim escaped unharmed, and Harvard Police are "checking around with nearby police departments to see if they have had any similar crimes," said Deputy Police Chief Jack W. Morse.

Sneaky Visitor

On Tuesday, a man walked into a Weld North suite while two of the suite's six freshman occupants were in their bedrooms--and walked out $50 richer.


According to the students, the 6-ft. tall Black man, wearing blue jeans and a brown jacket. entered the unlocked suite at about 1:30 p.m., and took $20 from the wallet of Elizabeth M. Lacovara and $30 from the wallet of Lisa A. Estreich. Police have no suspects.

Neither Lacovara nor Estreich was home at the time. But another roommate, Audris S. Wong, was resting in her room with the door closed. She said she heard someone knock softly at the suite's door and ask, "Is anybody here?" She said she did not respond because she thought her roommate would, and then went back to sleep.

A fourth roommate, Ellen L. Cox, then came out of her bedroom and saw a stranger standing in the common room. She said he asked for John Stubbs, a Weld proctor, and then left.

"I wasn't expecting to see a burglar in our suite and I was too surprised to think to question him," Cox said.

No one in the room realized anything had been taken until Lacovara and Estreich returned home and found that their money was missing.

"It seemed like he was a pro," Cox said. "He went right after the cash and was in and out in just a few minutes."

Wong and Cox said they are now keeping their room locked at all times.

Weld Proctors John and Caroline Stubbs said the entry door to Weld North was not closing properly on the day of the incident and this may have facilitated the man's entrance. The door has since been fixed.

Jewel Heist

The week's biggest theft happened this past Monday, when a burglar stole over $1000 worth of jewelry from 53 Dunster St., the home of Henry C. Moses, dean of freshmen. The loot included a Seiko watch, several strands of pearls and a ruby ring.