Rash of Burglaries Hits Canaday; College Police Apprehend Suspect

Canaday Hall, home to more than 100 Summer School students, was the site of a rash of small burglaries last month, according to Harvard police.

While three of the thefts are as yet unsolved, Harvard police early in the month arrested a man who allegedly broke into a Canaday Hall room and committed two other burglaries on Harvard property, a representative of the police force said yesterday.

While trying to apprehend Wayne Clark at 51 Brattle Street, an unidentified female police officer injured her leg and had to take a temporary injury leave from the force, according to the representative, who asked to remain anonymous. Although she is still on leave, the representative added that the injury was not too serious and that she was expected back to work in the near future.

A Summer School student living in the room that Clark allegedly burglarized said yesterday he positively identified him to police as the one who took cash and keys from the room. A trial date is yet to be set for the case.

In other apparently unrelated incidents during July, a bicycle, radio equipment, cash and traveler's checks were taken from other residents of the dorm, according to police reports.


On July 3, $28 in cash and $160 in traveler's checks were reported taken from a Canaday room. Several pieces of radio equipment were reported stolen from a dorm room on July 22. On July 24, a bicycle was reported stolen from the racks outside the dorm.

Although fewer crimes are reported during the summer because there are fewer people around the campus, the police official said that Summer School students are particularly vulnerable toburglary, because they are not educated on crimeprevention during their eight-week stay inCambridge.

A student who was sleeping in a bedroom said heawoke and discovered Clark, who ran out of theroom. The student, who asked not to be identified,said he saw him taking cash and keys.

The Canaday student said he called the policeto report the crime after the intruder ran out.The police arrived and took the student in apolice cruiser to where Clark, who fit thedescription given by the victim, was sited.

After the Canaday incident, Clark allegedly wasseen acting suspiciously at Gannett House, wherean individual had a wallet stolen, according topolice reports. Police soon found Clark at 51Brattle Street--the site of another reportedtheft--where he was apprehended by the police