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Maintaining a Healthy Perspective

For many new student publications at Harvard, publish, then perish is the rule. Faced with rising costs and diminishing sources

Direction and Complexity Mar Lowell House Opera 'Lulu'

For the first time in ages, this year's Lowell House Opera is being performed outside of the Lowell House dining

When It Really Is Better in the Bahamas

You've heard it before: "It's better in the Bahamas!" Well, it's true. Sort of. It is often better in the

Icewomen Blank Big Red

The Harvard women's ice hockey team moved one step closer to defending its Ivy League title by downing Cornell, 5-0

Exploring a Great Legal Mind

I T is not surprising that until now, there had never been a full biography of Oliver Wendell Holmes. Widely

The Safest Way to Go?

L ET'S see. On July 19, 111 people die when a DC-10 crashes in Sioux City, Iowa, after its rear

Tackling the State's Fiscal Woes

A T a time when Massachusetts is struggling desperately to find revenue sources, state Rep. William Galvin (D-Boston) has succeeded

Barriers For Blacks in Professional Sports

Necessities Phillip M. Hoose Random House 160 pp. $15.95 A T a time when Black median income in the United

Learning to Deal With a Planned Marriage

It won't seem so at first, but after a while you'll realize that your first year at Harvard closely resembles

A Little Self-Examination

James Fallows More Like Us Houghton Mifflin 210 pp. $18.95 S INCE the start of this decade, Americans and America

Toward Non-Issue Overseers

D ESPITE this year's election of Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu to the Harvard Board of Overseers from a pro-divestment slate

Prospective Cold Fusion Raises Hopes, Sparks Confusion

Disputes over scientific research methods, long ignored by an uninterested public, made headlines earlier this year when a pair of

At Odds With the City Council

Faced with constant disputes over property development and expansion, Cambridge and its largest land-owner and employer--Harvard--seem to be at war

Reflections on Policy From a Well-Known Dissenter

T HERE are very few people in the world who know as much as J. William Fulbright about United States

Imagine the Perfect Getaway Place

Imagine the scene. You are sitting on a pure, white beach, gazing out on the water as windsurfers leisurely float