The Year of Contenders, Not Titles

Twelve Defining Moments in Sports

"I really didn't feel different this week asopposed to any other week," Johnson said after thecontest. "A lot of yardage was there for thetaking."

Johnson, whom Harvard Coach Joe Restic had usedsparingly throughout the season (he was averagingunder five carries per game), racked up 224 of his323 yards in the second half. The longest run ofhis day was a 44-yard romp up the middle,prompting Brown Coach Mickey Kwiatkowski to callJohnson "one of the most powerful backs I haveever seen."

"You go with what's working," johnson said. "Ijust took advantage of what was out there."

NOVEMBER 11, 1991

The Harvard field hockey team's storybookseason reached a storybook finish as the squadreceived its first-ever NCAA bid, one year aftercapturing its first Ivy League title.


"I am thrilled to death," said Harvard CoachSue Caples after the announcement. "We've come along, long way."

The NCAA bid was the icing on a season whichsaw Harvard win the ECAC tournament for the firsttime, successfully defend its Ivy League title andwin the "Boston Four" championship.

The Crimson's 5-0 record down the stretchcouple with victories over regional powers NewHampshire, Connecticut and BU made the bid astrong possibility, but nothing was certain untilthe 12-field team was announced.

Harvard received the fourth bid from NewEngland, behind Boston University Northeastern andMassachusetts.

"Every year we've gotten closer and closer,"Co-Captain Ceci Clark said. "But I don't think weever thought we'd be a top-12 team."

December 11, 1991

The Harvard men's basketball team was 5-0, butit had played Lehigh, Holy Cross, Duke, BU andBoston College--a tough schedule for most teams.

Division III Babson, the weakest opponent onthe Crimson's schedule, seemed like the perfectmedicine: an opportunity for an explosive win thatwould set the tone for the rest of the season.

It set the tone, alright.

The Beavers scored 63 points in the second halfon their way to an unbelievable 100-80 triumphover the Crimson at Briggs Cage.