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A Final Look

I have been to the mountaintop, and I have seen Roger Clemens naked. From Fenway Park to the Crooked Stick

The Sports Column

The toughest job a sports editor must tackle is the blank page staring him in the face after two of

A Desultory Philippic

The toughest job a sports editor must tackle is the blank page staring him in the face after two of

W. Cagers: The Time is Now

Something strange keeps happening to the Harvard women's basketball team: It's piling up the accolades but can't translate them into

M. Cagers Take On The Best

All through the '80s and '90s, the Princeton men's basketball team played the best hoops in the Ivy League, getting

A Nation of Spin Doctors Should not Hold Us Back

"Well, I'm just happy to be here. I'm going to take it one game at a time, and the good

Skating in the ECAC: Battling the Nation's Best

Sometimes, the conference means everything. Ask Tom Osborne, coach of perennial Big Eight football champion Nebraska. The Cornhuskers have a

Finally! An Outsider's Perspective

Tim Murphy is a tall man, 6'4" or thereabouts. He looks like he packs about 195 pounds on a slender

Electricity in the Air

Some people look for the essence of America in baseball's spring training. I like to find it in college basketball.

Elias Wins Ivy Player Of the Year--Again

Like the man himself, you had a feeling this one was coming. Princeton running back Keith Elias won the Ivy

Harvard on the Field: Don't Be Confused By The Multi-Flex

On cold but clear November nights, the Ghost of Crimsons Past can still be seen, hovering high above The Stadium

Harvard Denies Rumors About Restic Successor

Harvard officials scurried to deny a report yesterday that University of Cincinnati football coach Tim Murphy will succeed outgoing Harvard

Gridders Take On Penn Today

Two standards of success will play in The Stadium this afternoon. On one side of the field is Pennsylvania, undefeated

Silva Takes M. Soccer's Fourth Rookie Award

The Harvard men's soccer team firmly established itself as the vanguard of the future of Ivy League soccer yesterday when

Brown Slides Past W. Soccer

It was an odd scenario for an Ivy League game: Win and continue on to the ECAC tournament. Lose and