It's No Secret: Tigers Are the Ones to Beat


Captains: Brett Brown, Chris Gordon

Lettermen Lost/Returning: 25/43

Players to Watch: Jeff Barrett, BrettBrown, Richard Britton.

All you need to know about Brown comes fromCoach Mickey Kwiatkowski himself:

"We are the slowest team in the league. Wecan't run away from anybody and we can't catchanybody. Two years ago, when we were 2-8, I saidthe one good thing was that we couldn't get anyworse. Well, I was wrong. We went 1-9. So I'm notsaying that again this year."


He speaks the truth. With a couple of badbreaks, the Bears could go winless. The teamreturns a total of five starters, but Kwiatkowskisays that he's "not going to miss anybody."

The squad is heavily sophomore-dominated. Theleading contender for the starting quarterback jobis sophomore Trevor Yankoff.

Memo to Yankoff: invest in Tylenol.


Nickname: Lions

Coach: Ray Tellier

Season: 4th

1991 Overall Record: 1-9

1991 Ivy Record: 1-6

1991 vs. Harvard: Harvard, 21-16

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