It's No Secret: Tigers Are the Ones to Beat


Nickname: Tigers

Coach: Steve Tosches

Season: 6th

1991 Overall Record: 8-2

1991 Ivy Record: 5-2


1991 vs. Harvard: Harvard, 24-21

Series vs. Harvard: Princeton, 46-31-7

Captain: Aaron Harris

Lettermen Lost/Returning: 25/32

Players to Watch: Michael Lerch, Keith Elias Aaron Harris, Keith Ducker, Benjamin Ertischek

The Tigers would be a cinch to win the conference if it wasn't for the black hole at quarterback.

Chad Roghair threw for 11 touchdowns and only four interceptions last year, completing 61 percent of his passes for a 142.4 quarterback efficiency rating, 14th in the nation.

This year, Princeton Coach Steve Tosches says he will probably start junior Joel Foote, who hasyet to throw a pass in varsity play but has beenproductive in scrimmages. As a freshman, Footecompleted 40 of 81 passes for 702 yards and 10touchdowns.

Also in the hunt are junior Cam Scholvin (4/19,247 yards and a TD as a freshman) and sophomoresClinton Haley (35/61, 444 yards and 2 TDs as afreshman), Brett Huckelbridge and Tom McInerney.But don't expect to hear much from any of theseguys in the near future.

Fortunately for Foote, the offensive linereturns four out of five starters from last year.

And--most importantly--Foote will have MichaelLerch, the Ancient Eight's Jerry Rice. Lerch ledthe league in receiving yards last year with 702,averaging 20.6 yards per catch. Lerch also returnskicks an average of 23.6 yards. Almost a third ofthe Tigers' total offense came from the All-Ivyreciever.

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