Ochs Says Bisexuals `Invisible'

Bisexuals are invisible in the media except when they are portrayed in conflict with other groups, Romance Languages and Literatures administrator Robyn T. Ochs told 30 students gathered at last night's meeting of the Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Student Association.

Ochs said talk shows often portray bisexuals as threats to monogamous relationships, emphasizing stories of husbands who had affairs with men outside of their heterosexual marriages and women who were unable to choose between two lovers, one of each sex.

"Bisexuality is often only visible as a point of conflict," Ochs said. "Bisexuals are only visible around issues of non-monogamous relationships, cheating, and AIDS."

Ochs used clips from television programs ranging from CNN's "Sonya Live" to "Geraldo" in her presentation. Although Ochs has made seven talk show looking for "interesting" guests have rejected her for having primarily monogamous relationships.

Ochs said talk shows inaccurately present bisexuals as "usually male, married to someone of the opposite sex and who has side dishes of the same sex."


"Not all bisexuals are cheating," Ochs said. But when bisexuals are in monogamous relationships, they are often miscast as either homosexual or heterosexual, Ochs said at the meeting in theAdams House Lower Common Room.

She added that most people don't understand therole of bisexuality in human relationships asopposed to attraction to only one sex.

"Our culture has trouble with the idea thatpeople--and sexuality--can change," she said