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BSA Mission Shifts With Leadership

As a high school senior, Erica E. Marsh '91 had no intention of coming to Harvard. In fact, if it

Reunion Class Gathers Writings

In September 1941, the class of 1945 had more than 1,000 members. And as of 1995, according to the Class

Multiracial Students: Searching for a Voice

Like most of her 1,600 classmates, Kelly K. Johnson-Arbor '96 sat down one day in 1991 to fill out her

City Council Discusses Affirmative Action

City Hall's Sullivan Chamber was packed last night in anticipation of the City Council hearing on the City of Cambridge's

African Storyteller Dazzles Young, Old at Quincy House

The questions were tough: Why do hares have long ears? Why shouldn't a young woman marry a man just for

Housing Results Released

The laughter of the triumphant seemed to overpower the tears of the defeated in Harvard Yard yesterday, as first-years shared

Singing... For Their Supper

It's the day before spring break and you've turned in your last blue book. You throw your Chem 17 textbook

House Masters Criticize Dining Hall ID Readers

When sleek black identification card readers replaced the old paper grids on checkers' desks in September, some house masters were

Brooks Speaks at Black Men's Forum

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gwendolyn Brooks gave a stirring presentation Saturday as part of the Celebration of Black Women sponsored by