Ford Receives 'Man of the Year'

The Hasty Pudding Theatricals honored actor Harrison Ford as their "Man of the Year" last night before a crowd of 400 at the black-tie premiere of the Pudding's show "Morocco 'Round the Clock."

While the band played theme songs from Ford's Indiana Jones and Star Wars trilogies, co-producers of the show Matthew B. Colangelo '96 and Ravi S. Kamath '97 celebrated Ford's achievements in film with the 30th annual presentation of the "Pudding Pot."

Ford received a standing ovation from the crowd as he entered the theater and took his seat among the audience.

Before inviting Ford onto the stage, Colangelo and Kamath praised some of his lesser-known roles as "Colonel Barnsby" and "The Bellboy" in two obscure films. They then introduced him with a series of puns citing some of his better-known movies.

"We really ought to give him some kind of chance to defend himself before we brand him a fugitive," said Colangelo, alluding to one of Ford's most popular films.


Colangelo and Kamath asked to have their picture taken--by Ford himself, who snapped a few shots of the co-producers as they posed.

"My only regret is that my parents can't see me now," Colangelo said.

They then brought out a cardboard cutout of Hans Solo, Ford's character in Star Wars, to compete in a skills contest with Ford for the Pot.

"It is not every day we get to stand on the same stage as Hans Solo," Colangelo said, asking Ford to take a few more pictures of the producers standing with their one-dimensional guest.

Colangelo and Kamath had the cardboard Hans Solo translate "Wookie," the language of Solo's friend Chewbacca, with the help of lines from Star Wars over the loudspeakers. They then asked Ford to do the same.

"I've forgotten a great deal of what I used to know," said Ford, who was declared the winner of the contest anyway.

Kamath still wanted to test Ford's merit for the Pot, however. Brining out a go-cart, he asked Ford to reprise his role as a drag racer in the movie American Graffiti.

"But we have a somewhat unconventional definition of the term drag racing," said Colangelo, as two male Pudding actors dressed in high heels, wigs and dresses adorned Ford with a Medusa-like snake wig and a gaudy brassiere.

Ford adjusted the bra, got into the go-cart and pedaled across the stage.

Still unsatisfied with Ford's performance, Colangelo and Kamath conducted a third and final contest to determine whether Ford truly deserved the pot.