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From Harvard To Hollywood...(And Back Again)

I t's hard to know exactly when Derrick N. Ashong '97 began implementing his plan to make it big in

A Farewell to Arms

The class of 1947 was, in the words of one graduate, "all mixed up." While soldiers were marching through the

The Long And Winding Road

Fourteen miles of fun, six miles of sweat and six miles of hell. That's the way many runners describe the

Coalition Seeking Diversity Leads Afternoon Rally

One of the things pre-frosh students heard about this weekend on their countless tours, panels and information sessions is the


A n alluring female android approaches me wearing nothing but a shiny metallic suit. It brushes its aluminum locks away

Arts First Weekend Kicks Off

A visitor to Harvard yesterday could have seen a Shakespearean comedy, watched a hip-hop dance group, or played word games

Ford Receives 'Man of the Year'

The Hasty Pudding Theatricals honored actor Harrison Ford as their "Man of the Year" last night before a crowd of

Casting for Talent: The Trauma of Auditioning

While most of Harvard's students have enjoyed a relatively stress-free shopping period this week, Harvard's budding thespians endured the exhausting,

University Choir to Sing at NHL All-Star Weekend

Approximately 18,000 shouting, beer-drinking hockey fans will stand and listen quietly to twelve members of the Harvard University Choir sing