GSC Seeks Early Notice

The Graduate School Council (GSC) passed a resolution last night calling for a regular review of graduate students' progress and earlier notification for students who are required to leave the graduate school.

Students say the review will help avoid the problem of the "G-10 rule," which forces students to leave the graduate school after ten years if they are not making satisfactory progress.

"A lot of the problems that arise with the G-10 rule could be solved...if students knew better earlier on," said Paul Callan, one of the three writers of the report.

The review, which will likely be annual, will serve as an indicator of students' progress when they are in the research portion of the degree and are not receiving letter grades.

Under the current system, students are notified at the beginning of their tenth year that they will be asked to leave the college. Students can apply for a waiver if they demonstrate satisfactory progress, but the notifying letter does not mention the waiver option.


The new GSC proposal would require the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) to inform eighth-year students by mail of the "G-10" rule.

Information about the "G-10" rule already appears in the Handbook for Students, but GSC members say the letter would bring the deadline to students' attention.

Adam Fagen, president of the GSC and a co-writer of the report, said that the current cut-off does not make any allowances for the different departmental requirements. Instead, Fagen recommends a standard of "progress" would allow for more of a flexible approach.

Dudley House Master Search

In other business, Fagen announced that he was accepting suggestions for the new master of Dudley House.

The Master of Dudley House Advisory Committee will meet for the second time today, and will begin to compile a list of candidates.

Outgoing Master Daniel Fisher will leave after his term expires at the end of this academic year.

Besides Fagen, the other search committee members are: Administrative Dean of the GSAS Margot N. Gill (chair); Dudley House Administrator Susan Zawalich; Senior Tutor of Dudley House Thomas A. Dingman '67; Member of Dudley House Senior Common Room Margaret L. Newhouse; Representative of Dudley House Fellows William Layher; Undergraduate House Committee Co-Chair Yuri Ostrovsky; and Faculty Member from the Committee of Graduate Education George B. Field