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Deconstructing Harvard

O ver the past four years, as first a reporter and then College editor at The Crimson, I have seen

Looking for Community on the FM Dial

L ike many Harvard seniors, I have no idea where I am going to be next year, or what I

Avoiding a Path to Nowhere

I -banking and consulting. Consulting and I-banking. I-banking vs. consulting. What more could be on a Harvard senior's mind on

Guinier Promotes New Vision of Social Justice

In her first public appearance at Harvard since her acceptance of a tenured professorship at Harvard Law School, Lani Guinier

Poll Attempts an Unbiased Methodology

How to make a responsible survey? For those at the Institute of Politics (IOP) it was more difficult than it

Survey Reveals Persistent Racial Divisions

Organizing a dialogue on race has been a lot more complicated than President Clinton ever thought. But perhaps no one

Vote Redmond or Verma

Kamil E. Redmond '00 can take attendance and flip burgers with the best of them. But Redmond has shown a


If a Buddhist monk self-immolated himself, would he be acting rationally within his own preference system, or would it be

Chuck D Urges Crowd To Fight Media Power

Controversial rapper and outspoken cultural critic Chuck D, a man who Cornel R. West '74 called the "freedom fighter of